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Kevin Costner's Rugged Toyota Tundra

Toyoda Tundra has faced many challenges throughout its lifetime. Competing against three popular full-sized rigs from General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis has been like racking your brains for leftover dessert at an unlimited buffet. However, the Tundra's many attributes, including its power, durability, and rugged appearance, have made it a popular choice among a wide range of buyers over the years. Just like the Hollywood star Kevin Coster! 

Those of you not familiar with Kevin Costner may recognize him from the hit television show Yellowstone. Kevin Costner proudly displayed his custom Toyota Tundra, which is perfect for exploring nature as the owner of a ranch in Colorado.

Kevin Costner takes great care to choose outdoor equipment that is appropriate for his style. Buying cheap equipment can get you into dangerous situations since a lot of people only consider the price tag, then their equipment fails at the worst possible moment. No matter what, he had Complete Customs upgrade the Toyota Tundra to be his outdoor toy hauler. Costner made his own drawings of what he wanted for his truck, rather than just choosing some parts from a catalog. Afterward, Complete Customs created some renderings, and upon approval, they began building the car.

Because of the convenience that the bed provides, he drives a pickup truck rather than an SUV when he goes for a trip into the wilderness. On top of the dual-zone Dometic cooler, there are sliding storage boxes for foods, new;y caught fish or anything else that needs to stay cool. Some of the most advanced parts of the roof rack were constructed from two pieces. Our ARE V Series Truck Caps are custom-made before being attached. It covers both the bed and the cab of the truck, so Costner can haul anything he wants in the truck, including a long canoe, jerrycans, inflatable rafts, or any outdoor equipment he needs.

Both the front and rear bumpers were made from heavy-gauge steel, so you won't have to worry about tire rub when off-roading. Each bumper is equipped with a Warn winch. Rigid Industries manufactures some of the best-LED lights out there, but they aren't exactly cheap. Costner got the LED light bars and other lighting from them.

For safety, Costner installed two Lock'er Down security safes in the truck's cab so that items in the truck are protected when he is not near his truck or when he is away. One is located in the center console and the other is under the rear seats. A padded area is provided for the younger kids to sleep in the truck since it is used by the actor, his three children, and his wife.

Truck2Go can help you do just what Kevin Costner did to his truck when it came to upgrading or customizing your Toyota Tundra! Our goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied. With our excellent selection of Tonneau covers and truck accessories in Los Angeles, you can feel confident selecting them for your truck.

Do you want accessories for your truck from a company you can trust? Contact us today!

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