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How To Install Tonneau Cover On Ford f150?

The Ford F150 pickup truck is a practical and sturdy automobile, as those who own one already know. With this pickup, moving from one place to another is easy, whether it's across the street or thousands of miles away. The truck bed should be wide open when hauling large items that stick over the sides. Occasionally, you'll need to transport smaller items in the truck bed, especially if you're going long. These items should be protected from the outside weather. The Tonneau Cover is the solution for your transportation needs.

Custom-made tonneau covers are specifically designed to fit the bed of your Ford F150 pickup truck. Gear-Box tonneau covers are durable materials that shield items you're hauling when the cover is open or closed. However, the cover offers more excellent protection to smaller items when it is closed. Gear-Box tonneau covers are unique because they open from the center of the bed instead of rolling up. Installing it is easy since it uses rails that fit the truck bed and require no drilling. Besides the strut brackets and struts, the complete installation kit contains all the bolts, nuts, washers, and bolt covers you'll need.

Installing a Tonneau Cover in 5 Steps

Step 1

  • Make sure you read the instructions carefully and arrange everything as instructed.

  • It's a custom installation, so the bed lines must be aligned with the lines of the structure. Make sure you do it right the first time. Take note of where the holes and rails are located for future use.

    Step 2 

  • You need to connect the rails.

  • When you are making the final adjustment, you should leave things loose. You need to connect your rails according to the directions with your tonneau cover. It's most likely they will either snap into place underneath your rail covers or bolt in predrilled holes.

    Step 3

  • If seals are required, install them.

  • Any seals you need to install should be installed according to the instructions. You should tighten all bolts after every seal has been installed.

    Step 4

  • Installation of the top.

  • The top should be placed on and fastened to the rails. Snapping it onto the rails should be easy.

    Step 5

  • Make any necessary adjustments.

  • Be sure to check for leaking spots on the seals. You may need to adjust the connections so the top can move quickly.

    Here are five easy steps to install your new tonneau cover to your Ford F150. It is easy, and you can install it in your house. You can make it a pastime if you are off work. Installing a tonneau cover can give you a lot of benefits, so there is no regret you can feel after purchasing it.

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