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Frequently Asked Questions:

Product related question:

1)What is the difference between EZ, PRO and Recoil Retractable cover ?

EZ vs PRO / Recoil / E-Power

EZ Retractable cover is more for daily/ constructional use, something more economical and standard. The price is lower compared to PRO and Recoil Retractable cover. They all comes with a 5-Year Limited manufacturer defects warranty. The rails come in T-shape flush with the tonneau cover, due to the design, it will not fit any rack accessories on top of the EZ retractable cover except RAMBOX model. Cover can be positioned anywhere in place for EZ and PRO series.

PRO / Recoil / E-Power Retractable cover is more for heavy-duty/off-road and upgraded version of our basic model EZ Retractable Cover. It is made with stronger aluminum and is low profile. The canister comes with a brush to sweep out dust when you open and close. The rails come in flush with the truck; therefore, our PRO / Recoil / E-power series are compatible with our add-on accessories (such as racks/crossbars) . EZ and PRO series are key locking system cover, while Recoil and E-power are auto lock system ( No Keys Required). EZ/PRO/E-power series can be secure in any position on the rails while Recoil series can only be secure half-way on the rails. 


2) How does the locking system work for the Tonneau Cover ?

EZ Retractable Cover - Dual Key locking system

PRO Retractable Cover- Dual Key locking system

Recoil Retractable Cover - Automatic locking system when is fully closed

E-Power Retractable Cover - Locks on tailgate with Key Fob Controller

Tri-Fold Folding Cover - Dual cable latch locking system

Quad-Fold Folding cover - Dual cable latch locking system


3) Will your Tonneau Cover be a good fit in icy / snow area?

We would suggest you go with our Tri-Folding or Quad-Folding Tonneau Cover instead of the Retractable Tonneau Cover.


4) My truck is a multi-functional / Split tailgate model , which tonneau cover will fit ?

Please refer to the product description .Our tonneau covers do fit multi-functional tailgate models. Due to the OEM design of the tailgate by car manufacture, an acceptable minor leak from the tailgate and truck gap can happen during heavy rains. Please check out at our customer's testimonial with Multi-functional tailgate. Testimonial Video 


5) Can I install the Tonneau cover product myself?

As always, we recommend professional installation. But with car installation experienced customers, customer should be able to install our parts with no issue ! We made our product install friendly. Each package contains a hard copy of the install instruction menu. An install video guide can be found in each of our product descriptions.


6) What is the dimension of the canister (Retractable cover) ?

  • The dimension of the canister is L 61 3/4 x W 9 1/4 x H 8 1/4 inches (For 5.8ft bed)
  • The dimension of the canister is L 61 3/4 x W 9 x H 8 inches (For 5ft to 5.7ft bed)


7) How much weight can the cover withstand?

The weight rating of the cover is 300lb (evenly distributed)


8) Does the installation require any drilling?

No drilling is required to install our cover or racks. Drilling is required if you decided to use the drain tube. Some vehicles comes with pre-drilled hole for connecting drain tube and some does not. 


9) What material is the cover made out of?

The main cover assembly including the rails are made of aluminum metal.


10) Can I drive with the cover open?

We advise to keep the cover closed and locked while the vehicle is in heavy motion, driving on a freeway or a city street, for instance.


11) Does the installation require cutting my bed liner?

Normally no trimming or cutting is needed. In rare cases, liner needs to be trimmed in order for the front corners of canister to fit more snuggly into the truck bed. Keep in mind that all of our cover will not fit Bedliner that seals wrap truck rail caps; The clamp mounting system requires a gap opening between Bedliner and truck rail caps.


12) Can other brand of Rack system fits on to the PRO / RECOIL / E-Power Retractable cover ? 

Another brand of rack system utilize the T-slot insert system might fit onto our cover. We highly recommend double-checking the width of your rack inserts to work with our rail system. Please see our T-slot track opening measurements.

  • T-Slot Track opening 3/4 '' wide x 3/8 '' height 

13) Can I install the PRO Retractable cover on to my JEEP Gladiator with out factory Utility Rail System ?

Our cover was design and made for the JEEP Gladiator with factory utility rail system. If you do not have one , no worries ! We can custom make you one (Click here) . Our custom make rail system for JEEP Gladiator only serves the purpose to mount our cover on to the truck. It does not serve the purpose of the factory utility rails.


Warranty / Exchange / Return / Refund related question:

1) Does your product comes with warranty ?

All of our products come with a warranty. Our products are all minimum of 1-year manufacture defect warranty unless its specify in the product description.


2) How do I return or exchange my items ?

Please refer to our " Return Policy" at the bottom of our Home page.


3) Can the promotional be return , exchange or refund?

All promotional items / giveaways are final. No return , exchange and refunds in any giving reason. If qualified promotional items you have selected is out-of-stock, another promotional item will be sent to you. 


Shipping related question:

 1) Do you ship to Canada , Hawaii, Purto Rico , Alaska , and U.S Virgin Island ?

Unfortunately, we can't ship our items to Puerto Rico, Alaska, and U.S Virgin at the moment. Purchases from Hawaii, will be shipped by Freight Forwarding Company. if you are a Canadian customer , please purchase from our Canada website (Click Here)


 2)How long does it take to process my order ?

All in-stock products will be ship out (via UPS / USPS / Fedex ) within 2-3 business days. A tracking number will be emailed to your provided email address during your checkout once the carrier has retrieved the package from our warehouse.

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