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How To Remove A Hard Tonneau Cover

If you have a truck, you probably already know how valuable having a Tonneau cover can be. It can cover and protect your tools and goods from the outdoors, making your truck look tidy and hiding your valuables.

But, like many cars, you'll want to wash it occasionally, but how do you remove it?

If that seems like a huge problem, this article is for you. So make sure to read until the end.

Can You Remove A Tonneau Cover On Your Own?

The type of your tonneau cover will determine this. The hardest ones, such as fiberglass models with hinges, are the most challenging to remove. They might need a forklift, many personnel, or a small one above the head crane. Soft covers may typically be removed more efficiently in less than 15 minutes.

It also depends on whether you have to take the side rails and only the cover off. If you intend to use it once more soon and can keep the guardrails in place, the quickest solution is simply removing the cloth cover.

Steps In Removing A Tonneau Cover

So, this is the step-by-step guide to removing a Tonneau cover. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully. 

Step 1. Locate The Cover's Points Of Attachment.

To find the fasteners holding the top cover to your truck, you must first open the hatchback and remove the cover itself. Be aware that they typically appear alongside the cover's frame instead of on the cover itself.

Step 2. Safeguard Your Paint Coat

It is a great idea to cushion your truck with extra paddings, such as a blanket or mattress, once the bed cover has been opened. This will stop the vehicle cover from fading your truck's paint job. Locate the clips next, then choose the tools you'll need.

Step 3. Taking Out The Clips

You must now remove the clips with a screwdriver. The shock bracket is where these clips are fastened. These are primarily used to cushion any impacts you could experience when driving on uneven terrain.

Step 4. Take Out The Screws

Next is to remove the nuts & bolts just after the clips have been taken out. To make this job easier, ensure you have a  proper wrench.

Step 5. Unpin And Take Off The Cover

You can now pull the pins after unscrewing the cover. To maintain the hinges stable and in position, pins are placed on the hinges. The tonneau cover is ready to be removed from your truck once all screws and pins have been removed. So because hardcovers can be so heavy, ask for all the help you can get. 


The procedure for removing your tonneau should remain the same regardless of the type of truck you drive. Removing the tonneau won't depend on the manufacturer or model of your vehicle. The most crucial step is checking the user manual that comes with your cover. If you have questions, visit Truck2Go, the number one Tonneau cover and car accessories supplier.

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