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How To Open Tonneau Cover When Tailgate Won't Open?

Clamps are included with some tonneau covers, such as tri-folds and rollups. Installing and operating them is easy. You must first open the tailgate before opening the lid. The problem is that many people want the ability to open or close the tonneau cover without taking down the tailgate. Therefore, to keep your truck bed secured, manufacturers use key-operated locks that are physically integrated into the bed's tailgate. In other words, you can't open your cover while it's shut and locked. You will no longer be able to use your truck bed if the lid has not been unlocked. When you cannot use your truck bed, things can get very depressing.

When the tailgate of your pickup truck breaks or gets stuck, you'll have difficulties getting it open. When opening the tailgate, you must balance what you could potentially do to the truck with the need to open the tailgate. Most tailgates break because of a stuck lever or bad hinge. Using a few simple tools and some liquid lubricant, you can fix both of these.

Open Your Tailgate With These 4 Steps

Step 1

Grab hold of the latch handle on your tailgate and pull it until it opens. Pay attention to any dry squeaking or grit in the handle movement.

Step 2

Ensure the handle mechanism is well lubricated by spraying some lubricant. Make sure you sprinkle generously on the instrument and moving parts surrounding the handle. Allow the oil to soak into the tool.

Step 3

With a screwdriver, you can move the hinges that attach the tailgate to the truck side. Try manually releasing the black rubber gasket holding the tailgate to the truck hinge rod with the screwdriver inserted into the hinge mechanism. The tailgate will release after you push the screwdriver upward.

Step 4

You can now lower the tailgate. Make sure the hinges and rods are in working order. Apply lubricant to the hinge and rod to avoid sticking in the future, and you won't have to use the screwdriver to open the tailgate again. You can wipe any excess lubricant from the surface with the rag. Wipe off the tailgate handle with the rags to remove any excess lubricant.

In Conclusion

Make sure you purchase high-quality bed covers from a reputable manufacturer. It should glide like butter when you operate a tonneau cover. You might want to check the hardware if you purchased a good body, but it still has problems. Examine your vehicle for rusted or damaged parts that need oiled or replaced. These issues can easily be prevented with a high-quality tonneau cover and regular maintenance. Based on the reasons you're going to use the bed and the weather in your state, decide whether you need a fiberglass lid, a folding cover, or a soft tri-fold cover.

The quality of Truck2Go's tonneau covers will not let you down, as it provides top-of-the-line quality. Our company only sells top-quality tonneau covers and accessories that you can use on your truck. You can shop online on our website and find the perfect tonneau cover for your vehicle. Ensure the tonneau bed fits your vehicle perfectly by measuring the tonneau bed.

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