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How To Measure Truck Bed Size For Tonneau Cover?

Have you been thinking about buying a tonneau cover but are unsure of the size of your truck bed? Just a measuring tape and a few minutes are all it takes to find out. You can use this measuring guide to know what size tonneau cover you need for your pickup truck.

These covers are designed to fit tightly over the bed of a truck. It protects the truck bed and its cargo, and that's the whole point of putting one on. You should know the length of your truck bed to get the right fit.

Getting the Right Size Tonneau for Your Truck Bed

Get a measuring tape long enough to measure eight to ten feet and use something to record the measurements. 

Following these simple steps will assist you in measuring your truck bed for a tonneau cover:

  1. Your truck's tailgate should be lowered, and you should be standing behind it
  2. Measure the length of the bulkhead wall behind the cab and the size of the floor of the bed.
  3. The gap is at the end of the bed's foundation, where you will take your measurement.
  4. Tonneau covers are typically listed as feet if your height is in inches. Divide your size by 12 to determine feet.

A tonneau's length is usually rounded off to an even number by tonneau manufacturers. The size should be within a couple of inches of that. There's no need to worry if your measurements don't match what you see when shopping for a tonneau. There are standard sizes for tonneau covers depending on the make and model of your pickup truck.

How To Measure A Truck Bed's Length: Other Methods

To determine which Sawtooth stretch tonneau goes with your truck, select your make, model, and year.

Since you purchased your truck, you may already have an idea of the length of the bed. Finding out the length of your truck bed is as easy as looking up your truck make and model online. 

You should still double-check your truck bed's measurements, even if you know the factory specifications. You will also have to measure for bed liners or other accessories added to the bed. 

Truck bed lengths are often specified in inches by some manufacturers and feet by others. It is common for truck beds to be referred to as short beds, standard beds, and long beds, but the terms mean different things for different truck manufacturers. Keep your measurements within 1 or 2 inches of the tonneau's measurements, so don't worry too much. 

Now you have an idea of how to measure your truck bed when you buy your tonneau cover in the future! Truck2Go has everything you need for tonneau covers for your truck! Look no further and visit our website to shop for some tonneau covers or accessories you want to put on your vehicle. If you are looking for the best service and prices in LA, you can count on us.

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