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How to Install a Tonneau Cover on a Toyota Tacoma

If you're interested in installing a tonneau cover on your Toyota Tacoma, there are several factors you should consider before doing so. The first thing to do is remove the bulkhead tie-downs and bulkhead bars. This will allow you to install foam pads and secure your cover.

If you're planning to install a hard tonneau cover, buy one that fits properly. There are many models and variations of tonneau covers, so it's important to know what you're getting. Some are easier to install than others, and even a novice can install a soft surface. Hardcovers are much more complicated and require two people to install them properly. Make sure to remove any bed liners before you start since they can get in the way of the installation process.

Another critical factor is ensuring the cover will fit your truck's bed and existing accessories. High-profile covers may interfere with tie-down anchor points, while low-profile ones will be more compatible. It's also important to read the installation or repair manual before installing a new cover on your Tacoma.

A hard Tacoma bed cover will protect your cargo from the elements while keeping it in place. It also helps keep the contents inside the truck from being stolen. Potential thieves can easily steal expensive items when you leave your truck unattended. A hardcover will make it difficult for thieves to access the cargo in the bed. Additionally, a hardcover is more challenging to break than a soft one.

Once you've chosen a cover, place it over the bed rails. Try to align the side rails with the rails so that they match. When you're done, tighten the bolts and clamps to secure the cover.

  1. First, you'll need to gather the materials for the job. You'll need some form of drill. Either an electric or cordless model will work just fine. In addition to the drill, you'll also need some 2" long screws with washers and some sealant or caulking. Regular old household silicone works just fine for this application. 
  1. The next step is to remove the plastic bed caps at the front and rear of your truck's bed. These bed caps pop off, so there's no need to use any tools here. Just grab them and give them a firm tug until they come off. 
  1. With the bed caps removed, it's time to start drilling holes into the side rails of your truck's bed. The holes should be spaced about 24" apart and drilled at a downward angle so that the screws will sit flush against the side rail once they're in place. 
  1. Once all holes are drilled, it's time to start screwing in the 2" screws. Be sure to add a washer to each screw before driving it in, and don't overtighten them, as this could strip out the threads in the side rail. 
  1. With all the screws in place, it's time to apply some sealant or caulking around each one. This will help ensure a watertight seal and keep rust from forming down the road. 
  1. The final step is to reattach the plastic bed caps at the front and rear of your truck's bed. And that's it! You should now have a fully functional tonneau cover on your Toyota Tacoma that will provide years of trouble-free service. 

Installing a tonneau cover on your Toyota Tacoma is easy when you know what to do. Just follow the simple steps outlined in this blog post, and you'll have it done in no time. Thanks for reading!

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