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Peak-Roof Series Hard Shell Roof Top Tent



FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA The roof tent is the ideal companion for your adventures. Whether heading out alone or with family and friends, our tents provide a comfortable and hassle-f...

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FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA

The roof tent is the ideal companion for your adventures. Whether heading out alone or with family and friends, our tents provide a comfortable and hassle-free camping experience. Quick to build, less than 30 seconds to complete. Save time and enjoy traveling fun. The tent's interior is spacious and comfortable, and the high-end decoration makes you feel at home. Elevate your camping experience with the roof tent and embark on an adventure. This roof tent can be installed or without crossbars or platforms.

Light Suppression Technology

  • At the core of LST lies a cutting-edge application that combines the benefits of UV treatment and an advanced polyurethane coating applied to the tent's fabric. By doing so, LST effectively suppresses unwanted light infiltration, ensuring a darker and more conducive sleeping environment, even during daylight hours.

  • This technology goes the extra mile in managing temperature regulation. The advanced polyurethane coating acts as an insulating barrier, helping to maintain a comfortable internal temperature regardless of external weather conditions. LST has been shown to reduce the internal temperature of the tent by up to 15% in full sunlight.

  • By effectively blocking out light, optimizing colors, and regulating temperature, LST sets a new standard for enhanced sleep quality and overall camping comfort.

With a pair of rooftop bars

  • The PeakRoof Series roof tents feature a pair of roof bars that allow you to store extra gear such as bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and more.

Articulating Hinge

  • A-frame tents typically have limited space at the foot of the bed. To solve this problem, we adopted the design of the external articulating hinge, which provides an extra 10 inches of foot room at the foot of the bed so that you can feel more spacious and comfortable using it and avoid the cramped feeling.

  • We constantly learn and optimize to ensure you get the best tent experience possible. Sleeps two adults and provides a secure home for backcountry adventures.

 Memory Foam Mattress

  • 50mm Memory Foam Layer: Provides excellent support and pressure distribution for optimal adaptability to the contours of your body.

  • Removable Flannel Cover: Luxuriously comfortable cover offers unrivaled softness while allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Anti-condensation pad: promotes air circulation, effectively avoids the problem of moisture and mold under the mattress, and provides a refreshing and dry sleeping environment.

Easily manage storage 

  • Overhead Organizer Panel: Conveniently organize and store small items to keep your space organized.

  • Transparent Material Pocket: The overhead organizer panel is equipped with a transparent pocket for a tablet or mobile phone, allowing you to easily enjoy movies or media entertainment before bedtime.

LED strip

  • LED light strips provide convenient lighting options, making it easy to find what you need or perform various activities inside the tent. Whether it's reading, relaxing, or social gatherings, LED strip lights will provide a comfortable light to make things easier. Add a touch of convenience and warmth to your camping experience and make nights more enjoyable.

Dimensions (closed):  83"*51"*8”
Dimensions (open):  83"*51"*57”
Product Weight:  102kg
Mattress: 2'' memory foam
Tent static load-bearing: 300KG
Tent body material: 280G polyester cotton
Sleeping Capacity: Two people
Tent base material: Aluminum honeycomb panels
Ladder Construction & Rating:  Aluminum non-slip ladder, 200kg
Waterproof Testing (mm): 5000mm
Windproof rating 7.8
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