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Why Is It Called A Tonneau Cover?

Why did the word tonneau cover come to be called that way? The wine industry is responsible for being the source of this fashion because the French does it stereotypically. Today, a soft or hard truck bed cover is called a Tonneau, which is derived from the French word for casks or barrels. It has for some reason been associated with red-blooded pickup trucks rather than some obscure French word used in winemaking. It is necessary to go back to the dawn of automobile racing to answer that question.

The tonneau was a popular option offered for cars in the early 20th century by car manufacturers. At first, the term was used to describe an open, downward-facing compartment in the rear of a vehicle, usually rounded like a barrel. While not in use, the compartments of these tonneaus were protected by soft leather coverings.

When the Bonneville Salt Flats were in their infancy, hotrodders would cover their open areas with tonneau covers to reduce wind drag. During the early stages, bedsheets, canvas, or leather were used. Their goal was to gain an aerodynamic edge over their competitors by any means that they could find. Tonneau covers were cited as the primary reason world records were broken at that time by most world record-setters.

It's so much more than just aerodynamics. It is also a tool that offers plenty of other benefits like securing your stuff, keeping it dry, and even fashion. We can help you discover a ton of different styles and options when it comes to tonneau covers, whether you prefer upgrading your old square body, adding functionality to your work truck, or protecting your shiny new daily driver.

How, Why, and What

In this case, you can take advantage of a great deal of versatility. It's no secret that a good tonneau cover serves as a protective covering for the car, improves fuel efficiency, enhances security, and facilitates storage and function.

Your truck bed is protected from the elements by a tonneau cover, which protects both what you store back there and what you are putting in it. Weather-stripping is usually included with tonneau covers, depending on the specifications. If there is debris such as leaves, mud, snow, or dirt on your truck bed, there is no need to remove it. In addition to reducing aerodynamic drag, this cover also smooths down the surface of your bed. Fuel economy can be improved between 5-10 percent in terms of the type and use of the vehicle when the reduced drag is applied.

You can keep your belongings in plain sight and out of reach with a basic tonneau cover at the very least. To provide maximum security, heavy-duty covers come equipped with a key-locking dual deadbolt and hidden storage sections.

Whether it's wheel hump pockets or slatches for tool boxes, truck bed covers can be custom designed to support a wide range of storage options. In addition to keeping your gear organized on the bedside, the cab, and the tailgate, this ensures that it doesn't slide around. It is possible to get portable bedcovers that include bike racks, ATV racks, snowmobile racks, and motorcycle racks so that they can be used as payloads. The ATV can be driven onto a properly secured ramp, and the bed cover can be equipped with steel anchors to secure it.

If you still have any questions about tonneau cover contact Truck2Go today!

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