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What Is a Tonneau Cover?

"tonneau cover" is a legal term for "pickup truck bed cover." Pickup truck beds are safeguarded with tonneau coverings. Although many different kinds are available, they all serve the same purpose: to cover your truck bed. Tonneau covers are sought after by pickup truck owners for various reasons. Primarily to keep their truck looking elegant, secure their cargo, and guard against rain and snow damage on the truck bed.

Possessing a tonneau cover may be advantageous if you use your pickup truck for hauling freight. Tonneau covers safeguard your cargo for several reasons. 

A tonneau cover for your pickup truck may be useful for the following reasons:

  • Ward off the elements for your goods: Don't leave your belongings exposed to the elements, including the sun's harmful UV rays, rain, snow, and dirt. The tonneau cover safeguards your goods.

  • Avoid theft: If you are transporting anything costly, tonneau covers are essential for keeping your goods safe from theft. Even non-locking tonneau coverings can keep your belongings hidden from prying eyes and deter thieves by hiding them.

  • Streamline your truck: A tonneau cover offers a sophisticated appearance. For a unified appearance, hard tonneau covers can be painted to match the color of your truck.

Some say Tonneau covers may improve your car's aerodynamics and reduce your petrol costs. Although the physics behind this is debatable, there might be a slight increase in your gas mileage.

How Do I Select A Tonneau Cover?

It's simple to become confused because so many tonneau covers are available. Tonneau coverings, however, can be categorized into two primary groups based on the material: hard and soft.

  1. Hard tonneau covers: These are constructed from durable plastic, metal, or fiberglass. Despite their greater weight and cost, they offer good security.

  1. Soft tonneau covers: More versatile, lightweight, and affordable are soft covers. Despite being the most popular tonneau overall, they often offer less security. 

Several tonneau types are available for each usage among those material groups. The four primary styles are as follows:

Foldable tonneau covers: These covers are available in three or four folds and can be used to cover the entire truck bed or just a specific area at a time. Both strong and soft tones are possible for them.

Retractable tonneau covers: Retractable coverings can be manually opened and closed or left in several open settings. These are a hard tonneau cover.

Hinged tonneau covers: The most secure hard-top covers are those. Large items that rest above the truck's bed rails often cannot be transported in most cases.

Roll-up tonneau covers: The most common ones are these soft ones, some of which may be stowed rolled up or secured over a truck bed.

Picking the ideal tonneau for your truck might be challenging. Access to the entire truck bed, convenience of usage, and security are the key factors to consider when selecting a tonneau cover. Our team at Truck2Go can assist you in finding the right tonneau cover for your truck. Contact us today!

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