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How to Remove an UnderCover Elite Tonneau Cover 

If you own a pickup truck, chances are you've considered adding a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers protect your cargo from the elements and ensure thieves don't have easy access to your belongings. But what do you do when it's time to remove your tonneau cover? This article will walk you through removing an UnderCover Elite tonneau cover so that you can transport more oversized items or take the cover off for cleaning. 

Step 1: Open the Tailgate of Your Truck 

The first step is to open your truck's tailgate, which will give you access to the rear clamps. You will need two people for this step if you want it done quickly and easily; one person should be in the truck's bed while the other stands at the rear of the truck. Make sure that any straps or ties attached to these clamps are undone and out of the way before proceeding to Step 2. 

Step 2: Unlatch Front Clamps 

Once all rear clamps have been released, move on to unlatching the front clamps. These are located at each corner of your truck bed and require a unique tool (usually included with your purchase) to correctly release them without damaging any parts. Gently pull up on each latch until it disengages from its lock position, and then move on to Step 3.  


Step 3: Pull Back the Tonneau Cover Toward the Rear of the Truck 

Once all latches have been released, grab both sides of your tonneau cover near the front corners and slowly pull back toward the rear of your truck bed until it is completely removed. Be careful not to damage any parts while doing so! Once removed, store in a safe place until ready for reattachment.  

Removing an UnderCover Elite tonneau cover is relatively simple, with just a few steps involved. Steps 1-3 must be followed in order as outlined above for the removal process to go smoothly and without incident. With patience and care, anyone can safely remove their tonneau cover without needing professional help! This guide was helpful for those looking into removing their UnderCover Elite tonneau cover. Good luck!

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