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How to Measure For a Tonneau Cover

When shopping for a tonneau cover, the first step is determining your truck's bed size. Some manufacturers offer different bed lengths for different models, so you should measure the box to find the right size for your truck. Other factors to consider are tailgate liner placement and the size of the bed's opening. Be sure that the tonneau cover you choose will fit your truck bed.

If you plan on buying a new tonneau cover for your truck, you should know the exact size of the vehicle's bed. Measure from the tailgate to the inside rail of the truck's bed. If you already have a liner in the bed, subtract that measurement from the total size. It will ensure that you get the right size to fit the tonneau cover.

Next, you should take the measurements of your truck bed. You should check the length of your truck's bed and the inside of the rail. You should add an inch to the original measurements to have a correct fit. If you have a liner installed on your truck, make sure to measure it as well. It will allow you to buy the right size to fit your truck. Aside from being precise, tonneau covers are also made to last for a very long time.

Next, you should check the bed length of your truck. You will need to measure the size of the bed from the back of the passenger cabin to the tailgate. It would help if you rounded up the measurement to an even number. Remember, you should take an inch off of the current measurements. You can use the measures to choose the right size of your tonneau cover. You can also use this method to find the right fit for your truck.

You must also check the size of your truck. The tonneau cover must match the dimensions of your truck. You must measure the length from the back of the passenger cabin to the tailgate. After you have determined the size of your truck bed, you should measure the width of the bed. If you aren't sure, check the length of the bed. A tonneau cover should be about one inch wider than the existing one.

Should measure the length of the bed from the tailgate. Then, you must measure the thickness of the liner. If it is thick, you should subtract a few inches from the overall length. The width of the tonneau cover should be at least an inch larger than the existing one. You should also check the measurements of the tonneau cover with military precision. You should always check the manual and ask questions before buying a tonneau cover.

Once you know how to measure for a tonneau cover, you can determine the size of your truck bed. Using a measuring tape, you can determine the length of your truck's bed. You should use the tape attached to your truck to determine the exact length of the tonneau cover. The size of your truck bed is important for ensuring that the tonneau cover fits correctly.

If you need to install a tonneau cover on your truck, you must know how to measure your truck's bed. The length should be approximately an inch less than the length of the bed. If your truck is not the same size, you need to measure your car's interior. The length of the bed must be about an inch longer than the width. It would be best not to be afraid to use a measuring tape to get the exact measurement.

You should measure your truck's bed. Don't forget to measure your truck's tailgate to determine the length of your truck's bed. You should also measure the depth of the bed, which is the height of your truck's bed. If the tonneau cover size is longer than the width, you should add an inch to the measurements. You should add the thickness of the liner, as this will determine the width and length of the tonneau.

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