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How To Install a Tri Fold Tonneau Cover With Bed Liner?

Your pickup truck bed is one of its most valuable features, but it doesn't have the necessary protection when it leaves the manufacturer. The most popular additions for protecting the bed of your truck are bed liners and tonneau covers, each of which has advantages and protective qualities. However, you can combine them to achieve the best possible defense.

Most tonneau covers are compatible with spray-on and under-the-rail bed liners without any problems. When retractable covers are used, cutting the liner at the bulkhead may be necessary. Putting an over-the-rail bed liner under a tonneau cover will require more time and effort.

The lip of the bed, where most tonneau covers are fastened, is covered by these liners. To guarantee secure installation, you must notch the bed liner by creating little remedies or notches where the cover's clamps adhere. The bed liner should be put in place first if your pickup doesn't already have one or a tonneau cover.

In contrast to running boards or fender flares, truck bed covers come in various styles that can both decorate your truck and protect the contents inside of it. Your decision will be guided by Truck2Go, our knowledgeable accessory consultants, depending on your preferences for style, money, and how you use your truck.

We make it simple for you by installing only the most well-known and rated tonneau cover brands out there, even though there are a lot of bed cover alternatives and brands to choose from. Allow us to assist you with protecting the items in your truck bed and improving the appearance of your vehicle.

One of the manufacturers of tonneau covers we offer is:

  • Truxedo
  • Access
  • Roll-N-Lock
  • UnderCover
  • BAK

There's an unending supply of truck accessories. Most truck owners add a bed liner to secure the bed's surface. How can you safeguard your cargo after securing the truck bed? A truck bed cover is an ideal method of defending your items. Tonneau coverings are what we refer to them as in our field.

Purchasing a tonneau cover is a wise purchase whether you need to transport luggage, work-related supplies, equipment, hunting gear, or hunting gear. Truck2Go offers tonneau cover installation of the highest caliber. Forget about trying to install a truck bed cover. Leave the work in the hands of our knowledgeable and competent team.

Steps On How To Install A Tonneau Cover With A Bed Liner

  1. Your cover's rails should be fastened to the vehicle bed. If you own an over-the-bed rail liner, remember to comply with the instructions in the preceding section.
  2. Adjust the rails' alignment and secure the mounting hardware.
  3. Install any cab-side or tailgate seals that were provided.
  4. Your tonneau cover should be positioned, so the top is uniformly spaced around the perimeter. Verify the alignment and make any necessary adjustments.
  5. Make any necessary readjustments or realignments to the sealing surfaces of the cover if you find any bulging or apparent holes.
  6. If your tonneau cover includes drainage tubes, attach and direct them to the vehicle bed's corners.

Are you looking for a place that can help you install a tonneau cover with a bed liner? Contact Truck2Go today!

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