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Can I Go Through a Car Wash With a Tonneau Cover?

The answer depends on what kind of tonneau cover you have. The soft-top type can be washed just like any other car top. However, the rigid, folding and retractable varieties should be avoided at all costs. Here's why: a soft-top tonneau is more flexible so that it can handle high pressure and abrasive cleaning better.

Some tonneau covers are not designed to withstand the extreme water pressure that a car wash applies. Most are made of aluminum panels covered in soft vinyl wrap. These can be damaged by the abrasive action of a carwash's spinning brushes. Even small rocks can damage a hard-top tonneau cover. In most cases, it's safe to take your tonneau cover through a carwash if it is fully closed.

Although a tonneau cover is generally safe to go through a car wash, you should check the manufacturer's instructions before making the trip. Make sure you use a soft-top tonneau cover, as a hard-top version can damage it. To protect your tonneau from the extreme pressure of a carwash, you should consider getting a high-quality one. If you're worried about damaging it, a high-quality model can stand the test of time.

If you're worried about damaging your tonneau cover, be aware that it's best to hand-wash it. While you can purchase a tonneau cover that is car wash-safe, be careful about your tonneau cover. You may end up losing your warranty. Always make sure it's secured before going through a carwash.

A tonneau cover should be secured when going through a carwash. The extreme pressure from the water in a carwash can damage your tonneau cover. If it's partially closed, it's best to let it dry in a garage to avoid damage. If the tonneau is partially open, it can be damaged. A strong strap should also secure a tonneau cover.

Most tonneau covers are designed to survive a trip through an automatic carwash. Some brands recommend removing the tonneau cover before going through a carwash. The process is a bit more time-consuming but will help keep your tonneau in good condition. When you go through a carwash with a soft tonneau, you should be able to wash the entire truck without damaging it.

Depending on the tonneau cover you have, you should consider what will endure the carwash process. Most tonneau covers are designed to withstand the pressure of a carwash, but they can still be damaged if exposed to harsh chemicals. Therefore, you should carefully check the material of your tonneau cover before you go through a vehicle wash.

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