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All Seasons Auto Windshield Cover ( Special made for Snow Season )



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Heavy Duty Windshield Snow / Rain / Sun Shade ( Specially made for Snow Seasons):

Say goodbye to scraping and brushing forever with this Premium Heavy Duty Windshield Snow / Rain / Sun Shade Cover. A durable waterproof cover protects your vehicle's windshield from the elements, ensuring snow and ice-free / Heat windshield every morning. Spread the Cover over your windshield and secure a tight fit using the built-in magnets along with a specially designed lip that pulls the cover over the glass using your vehicle's front doors. When you're ready to drive, take off the cover and go on your way.


Product Details:

  • SHIELD YOUR VEHICLE (Great for snowing season): No longer do you have to scrape your windshield every morning, freezing your hands and fingers while placing strain on your arms and back.

  • DURABLE MATERIALS LAST ALL SEASONS: The waterproof materials and tightly stitched construction of the Premium Heavy Duty Windshield Cover guarantee that your cover will last and last. The lightweight yet strong material is easily foldable for storage in the trunk or rear of your vehicle.

  • SPECIAL MADE FOR SNOW SEASON: Premium Heavy Duty Windshield Cover’s reflective silver lining creates a shield of trapped heat which radiates heat while distributing it along with the entire windshield. This heat shield ensures that your windshield will be free of snow and ice even in the most extreme conditions.

Product Dimensions:

  • SIZE: 81.5" x 46" inches

  • COLOR: Black